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Grafite グラフィーテ ロゴ

“グラフィーテ”  イタリア製カーボンレザーで、モードスポーティな雰囲気を表現。


Crafted in Italian carbon leather, this series expresses mode-sporty mood.
This particular material used for steering wheels has not only durability but also softness of genuine leather. Using waterproof saffiano leather for the interior, the edgy design creates a luxury feel. Sleek, stylish and functional at the same time.

カラー  01:Black
カラー 05:Navy

Grafite グラフィーテ Long wallet No.3040-01

Long wallet

No.3040-01 ¥19,000+TAX
Grafite グラフィーテ Long wallet No.3040-01 開き

Grafite グラフィーテ Bifold wallet with coin case No.3041-05

Bifold wallet with coin case

No.3041-05 ¥17,000+TAX
Grafite グラフィーテ Bifold wallet  No.3042-01

Bifold wallet

No.3042-01 ¥15,000+TAX

Grafite グラフィーテ Business card case No.3043-01

Business card case

No.3043-01 ¥11,000+TAX
Grafite グラフィーテ Card case No.3045-05

Card case

No.3045-05 ¥8,000+TAX
Grafite グラフィーテ Coin case No.3044-01

Coin case

No.3044-01 ¥8,500+TAX

Grafite グラフィーテ  Belt Twill Carbon Fibercure  No.3799-01

Belt Twill Carbon Fibercure

Width: 30mm Size:Free
No.3799-01 ¥10,000+TAX
カラー  01:Black
 01:BK only